Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ Prosound (Pty) Ltd was established in 1973 by Terry Acres, providing hardware and services for live concerts, theatre and music shows. Throughout the 70's, Prosound was the leading sound rental company doing the largest proportion of the top touring shows both local and international, sports events and embryonic outside broadcast television productions. By the late 70's the need arose to develop workshops for the manufacture of international-standard loudspeaker cabinetry and loudspeaker componentry.



oakley A mad scientist named Jim Jannard began questioning the limits of industry standards. “No one believed my ideas,” said Jim. “No one would listen.” In 1975, he went into business for himself. Jim started Oakley with $300 and the simple idea of making products that work better and look better than anything else out there.

In his garage lab, Jim developed a new kind of motorcycle handgrip with a unique tread and a shape that fit the rider’s closed hand.


Palladium Hair Company

Palladium Hair Company Palladium owner Gina Capra used her creativity to enhance the beauty of others. Setting no limits to her dreams she set out to create the perfect salon, in 1998 Gina started her business in a garage in her parent’s home in Groenkloof. The skills that she had acquired through Toni & Guy and passion for hairdressing coupled with the motivation that is expressed by Gina to all who know her, resulted in her salon at the Brooklyn Plaza. Gina increased her staff of 4 to 8 and quickly had outgrown her premises, due to huge success. The salon was then relocated to Waterkloof Heights Shopping Centre, and has evolved into the beautiful and contemporary Palladium of today.


MyGuru Web Design

My Guru MyGuru is a Web Design, Hosting & SEO Company that was founded in 2007. Our Websites have become better, our Hosting services have expanded, and our SEO campaigns have been increasingly successful.

And it is thanks to our core values and vast experience that we can offer you the best Website design, Website development, Content Management, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Hosting services; without the usual price-tag, and usual cold, corporate treatment!




Jurix ~ Love Nails is a nail salon that focusses on beautiful nails for every occasion. We use Odessey Nail Systems to create nail extensions with a difference.




Creating new affordable and sustainable Internet services for the consumer and SMEmarkets, is what drives their fun culture, and sense of innovation. Having launched an industry first of Prepaid Vouchers through retail channels like Pick n Pay and Engen, is sentiment to that innovation. They continue to live and thrive in this culture!


Iron Angel Gym Silverlakes


At Iron Angel private gym in Six Fountains Adventure Centre, Silver Lakes we focus on providing personal training attention and advice, so you never have to train alone again. Personal trainers provide you with motivation and guidance in a secure, fully equipped, private & exclusive gym. Enjoy training free from the distractions and crowds of regular health clubs. Every training session is monitored to ensure you see results.


Tarryn Goldman Creative



Proud mother. Passionate photographer. Deep base devotee. Avid bookworm. Information collector. Internet addict. Bourbon loving sunset junkie. Unofficial graphic designer. Cloud observing dreamer and people watcher of note.


Eye Candi Tattoo Studio


Influenced by early impressionists, the works of this talented South African Artist speak a Language of their own. She has dedicated her talent to the presentation and representation of the human profile in its natural, dynamic and at times surreal form... Sensuality is realized in the simplified design of her Subjects...


Cipla Nutrition


After extensive research and development over a period of 24 months, the pharmaceutical company that provides South Africans with world-class medicines at affordable prices, Cipla Medpro South Africa Ltd, recently launched its sports nutrition and supplement range under the brand Cipla Nutrition (CN).


Strands of Love Hair Extensions


Strands of Love Hair Extensions was founded by Julien and Emma, two sisters with a passion for hair extensions. Strands of Love is a supplier of  hair extensions to salons, hair stylist and hair extensionsist in South Africa. For a salon, stylist or extensionist stocking Strands of Love please send us an email so we can direct you to one in your area.


Placecol Skin Care


The Placecol Skin Care brand was started by Elma Mckenzie, a legend in the beauty industry, in Ermelo South Africa in 1980. Clients visit Placecol Skin Care Clinics to improve the appearance of their skin and receive treatments for anything from problem skin to preventative anti-ageing.


Angeltoes/Scalar Energy


Energizing the human body and it's Biofield with natural frequencies. Scaler energy reduces the effects of EMF from mobile phones and computers and promotes the healing of cells. Scaler energy improves sporting performance by improving balance, increasing strength, power and flexibility.


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