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Adorn London ArticleStreet Style in Cape Town during the World Cup...

Adorn’s Style Stalkers have been on the prowl in Cape Town, the ‘Mother City’, and have snapped up these two street style galleries so that you can peruse style down south.

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Lady Lea is one of South Africa's well known DJ's. "I got my earrings from Pure ... these earrings were once-offs - love them!"

Cape Times Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cape Times Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Lady Lea: Something for the Turntablists

“Then when I started going to socials, discos and night clubs, I realised that I wanted to give music to people,” she says.Her brother was also a DJ, so the pair teamed up and started DJing together.

Lady Lea has come a long way from being an eager teenager to the world class DJ with a recording outfit and hit CD series.
“It’s been amazing, a little like a TV game: going through all the stages. It’s like a really exciting adventure,” she says. “It took some getting used to.
I used to get teased at school, so now to have people looking up to me is strange,” she says. Lady Lea mainly plays house music and says her style varies from deeper to quite tough, hard sounds. “It’s always got a happy, funky feel though,” she laughs. “I never play anything really dark.”

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